• Living With Chronic Illness: Strategies for Coping and Thriving
    A New Slant on Private Healthcare RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, is directed by Dr. Antoine Geffrard, who gives you a new perspective on chronic illness. It is no secret about Read more
  • How Lifestyle Affects General Wellbeing
    When you take a moment to consider how your lifestyle can have a significant effect on your overall health and wellness, you can plan to make necessary changes for your Read more
  • Understanding the Primary Role of a Physiatrist
    Understanding the Primary Role of a Physiatrist Chronic, long-term illnesses, diseases, and surgeries can be debilitating, resulting in loss of range of motion, flexibility, and mobility. A physical medicine and rehabilitation Read more
  • Medication Questions and In-Depth Review of Your Medications
    Medication Questions and In-Depth Review of Your Medications Dr. Antoine Geffrard and his team of outstanding medical professionals host a new concept for individualized medical rehabilitation and medication regimen review called Read more
  • Lifestyle Affecting Your Health and Wellbeing
    A healthy lifestyle relates to overall wellness due to habits and choices that promote physical, mental, and emotional well-being. Maintaining a balanced diet, managing stress, frequent exercise, and getting enough Read more
  • Keys To Maintaining Healthy Weight Loss
    Being overweight can have a wide-ranging impact on your health, putting you at greater risk of developing serious chronic conditions and health complications. So you might be told to adopt Read more
  • Get Your Medication Questions Answered
    It's not uncommon for patients who have been recently discharged from a long hospital stay to be confused about their treatment. Many will accumulate a number of medications that they Read more
  • What Makes an RMS Consultation Different
    Today’s healthcare can seem rushed. The days of a doctor spending time with you may seem long gone. The truth is, an RMS consultation can make you feel differently about Read more
  • Making Good Changes in Your Lifestyle
    Rehabilitation medical services are a transformative approach to restoring physical and mental well-being. Your RMS Consultation in Southfield, MI, aims to empower individuals to reclaim their independence and optimize their Read more
  • The Risk Factors of Heart Disease
    Heart disease is a common condition, especially in the United States. Fast food, lack of exercise, and other factors all contribute to the development of heart disease. Dr. Antoine Geffrard Read more
  • How Lifestyle Affects General Wellbeing
    Rehab medical services (RMS) are a type of healthcare that focuses on restoring physical, mental, and emotional function and improving quality of life after an injury, illness, or surgery. This Read more
  • Decline in Function Following a Long Illness
    When you’re dealing with an illness, it can be difficult to function properly. Normally, this isn’t a huge deal because most illnesses don’t last forever, but when you’re dealing with Read more
  • Recovery From a Prolonged Illness and Hospitalization
    Dealing with a prolonged illness or long hospitalization can impact your life severely and it can be difficult to get back to normal activities. You might find that you aren’t Read more
  • Why Would You See a Physiatrist?
    How your physiatrist in Southfield, MI, can help you If you are recovering from surgery or an illness, you can benefit from the services of a physiatrist. A physiatrist is a Read more
  • RMS Consultations and Rehabilitation
    Rehabilitation is typically the recommended course whenever you've been dismissed from the hospital, but you are often left to your own devices to piece together what it means and to Read more
  • What Is Clarification of Medication Regimens?
    It's easy to fall into rituals, something that can happen if you are taking a variety of medications. Their names can be difficult to remember and may only remember which Read more
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