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Rehabilitation Medical Specialists (RMS) is a private medical practice specializing in the care of patients recovering from musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunction caused by injury, illness, and prolonged hospitalization.

Recovery from illness or injury is more than simply qualifying for discharge from the hospital or being able to take a doctor prescribed medication regularly on your own.

Recovery includes re-embracing ALL aspects of your life, in a new way if necessary, after having suffered devastating illness or injury.

Recovery means finding and claiming new abilities and adapting to changes that impact not just you as a patient, but everyone that loves you. This requires not only expert, but ethical and sensitive medical care.

We, at Rehabilitation Medical Specialists (RMS), believe every human being is of inestimable value. We know real recovery from injury, illness, and dysfunction is possible when patients are educated and listened to by their doctors. We know that providing this level of care, followed by rational individualized treatment is the fundamental path to recovery from illness or injury, and to achieve maximum independence for the patient.

At RMS, care comes before treatment.

If you or a loved one suffers effects of:

    • Stroke or TBI
    • Spinal cord injury
    • Major musculoskeletal trauma
    • Burn injury
    • Prolonged illness and hospitalization
    • Post surgical debility

We’ll work with you, your family, or representative in an honest and collaborative way until you have your life back, in the best way possible.

Call us for an appointment @ (248) 663-5353 or email using our appointment web page: [email protected]

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