Frequently Asked Questions:

What kind of medical issues are addressed in an RMS Consultation?

The most frequent issues are the clarification of medication regimens, and failure to thrive after hospitalization or as a result of long-term illness. Questions about lifestyle changes that might improve function and health are also frequent topics. An RMS Consultation can help answer your questions, recommend neglected or inadequate therapy, and clear up misinformation that is putting your health in jeopardy.

Why doesn’t RMS Consultation bill my insurance?

Though we haven’t yet determined how government and commercial insurance companies have explicitly announced they will be increasing restrictions on healthcare. Doctors who partner with insurance companies will have increasing responsibility to do what is in the insurance company’s best interest, and less authority to do what’s in the patient’s best interest. This is incompatible with the mission of RMS Consultations. With an RMS Consultation, no one stands between the patient and the doctor. The fees charged are reasonable, and arrangements can be made to enter into a payment plan if necessary. Anyone who has a cell phone or cable/internet monthly subscription can afford the per visit fees at RMS Consultations.

Will I receive prescriptions for medications or therapy as part of my consultation?

No. The consultation is for the purpose of making medication, therapy, or lifestyle recommendations only. Sometimes the recommendations may be very strong of urgent, and a letter to your treating physician will be written, with your permission, outlining the details of that recommendation. It will be up to you and your treating doctor to follow through with the recommendations or not. If prescribed ongoing rehabilitative care is desired, RMS can then take on the care of the patient and write prescriptions for medications and therapy.

Can an RMS Consultation help me if I have questions about alternative or natural approaches to my health care?

Yes, your RMS Consultant will take the time to knowledgeably instruct you across a broad range of topics that include appropriate use of alternative medicines, herbal supplement use, safe weight loss recommendations, and even the proper application of colonic irrigations and controlled fasting for systemic rest. Studies have shown that more than 85% of medical patients are using some form of alternative approach to their health. Many don’t feel comfortable or have time to talk with their treating doctor about these choices. The RMS Consultant can take time to answer your questions and clear up as much of the internet and media misinformation that may actually harm you in your quest for the best health.

What can I expect?

You can expect a warm, professional face-to-face consultation with an experienced medical professional. Because of the time allowed, there will be no rush to finish or gloss over topics. If you have concerns regarding the safe amount and type of medicine you’re on, you can expect to have your questions answered after a full point by point review of your medicine list. The same is true regarding any questions you have about herbs, vitamins, and over the counter drugs. The consultant will review them and their possible side effects with you. If there are immediate concerns about harmful results from medications or herbals you are taking, you’ll be advised and a letter describing the consultant’s professional medical concerns will be written to your prescribing physician(s). Similarly, consultations about functional changed, healthy diet and lifestyle changes in the context of illness of disease will be addressed with the same detail, along with formal recommendations that may include traditional or alternative treatment approaches.

How long is the RMS Consultation, and how do I prepare?

Each consultation is s45 minutes long. In preparation, a minimum of up-to-date medical records is needed. They don’t have to be “official” record. These are often expensive and troublesome to obtain, especially if the records of a parent or spouse/significant other. A typed or legibly handwritten medication list and medical/surgical history are most helpful. Dates of injury and surgeries are important, as well as any history of hospitalizations (reasons for admission, findings, and complications). Also include a full list of over the counter laxatives, painkillers, herbs, and vitamins you’re taking. Even if your lists are incomplete, the RMS Consultant will take a verbal history from you to fill in any blanks. With this information and your questions, the consultation will be very fruitful to you.

Will the doctor at RMS Consultation take over my medical care from my regular treating doctor?

No. the RMS Consultation is a one time (or extended) encounter for the purpose of making recommendations and filling in gaps that have developed in your care. If you or your loved one has rehabilitation medical needs, the RMS clinical practice may take you on as a rehabilitation patient at your request. You will still need to stay with your primary care physician for non-rehabilitation medical issues.

Can I become an RMS patient if I chose, or do I need a referral from my primary treating doctor?

You can self-refer for both an RMS Consultation and to be a treating patient with Rehabilitation Medical Specialists. No treating physician referral is required. If you have a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialty need, you can be our treating patient.  Examples of such needs would be stroke recovery, loss of the ability to walk or weakness form chronic illness/malnutrition, failure to thrive following illness or injury, severe burns and scarring brain or spinal cord injury with spasticity or paralysis, or disabilities related to severe arthritis. You don’t need your primary care doctor to refer you. You can make an appointment for yourself or your loved one and come in.

Can I see an RMS Consultant if I just want guidance on how to live a healthier life?

Yes, absolutely! The consultant can answer your questions and eliminate any confusion you may have about what changes or activities are best for your health. This isn’t life coaching. It’s professional, applicable, medical advice about the risks and benefits related to your personal health condition. It may include recommendations on weight normalizations (not everyone is supposed to be skinny), activity tolerance, diet (some people can actually eat gluten) and exercise. The consultation is designed to answer questions and bring rational and accurate information to bear on your individual concerns. For example, maybe “drinking 64oz of water per day” isn’t got for you personally. The RMS Consultant can discuss it with you and help you understand why.

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