Medication Management for Chronic Conditions: What You Need To Know

Understanding Your Medications Clearly

Dr. Antoine Geffrard directs the RMS Consultations - A Service of Rehabilitation Medical Specialists in Southfield, MI, a uniquely different medical service that strives to help you understand everything you should know about your medication regimen.

This doctor's primary goal is to work with a licensed and experienced professional team that creates an individualized medical rehabilitation and medication regimen for patients. One of our many services is completing medication reviews.

Your Doctor's Hands are Tied

RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, your medication management team, say it is no secret that the government, insurance companies, and big Pharma detail what your doctor can and cannot do for you, and they will soon increase healthcare restrictions on your doctor. Insurance companies continue to do what best fits their interests rather than yours; thus, doctors can no longer do what is best for you. 

Primary physicians can allow up to ten minutes to see patients, which is not enough time to discuss all your questions about diagnosis, treatment options, and medication regimen. We take the time with you that your doctor cannot, and our visits last up to 45 minutes, and this is your time to discuss your healthcare concerns. 

We contact your doctor by sending recommendations regarding your care plan. We cannot prescribe new medications, discontinue a current prescription, or adjust the dosages or times; we only recommend. You have the option of seeking us as your primary doctor. Suppose we take on the responsibility of your healthcare. All the things that we could not do, we can now do.

The following is what we can do for you.

  • Send medication and treatment recommendations to your doctor. We allow you and your doctor to accept or decline all our suggestions.
  • Review your medications, supplements, vitamins, alternative approaches, and possible side effects with you and discuss the pros and cons.
  • Ensure you understand all of your medications, vitamins, herbs, and OTC drugs you take daily.
  • We follow you after a hospitalization.
  • We monitor chronic illnesses.
  • Advise your doctor of immediate concerns with your written consent. 
  • Recommend therapies as needed.
  • Clear up any medical misinformation.
  • We answer your questions about lifestyle changes, increasing quality of life, how you can function better, 

A Better Path Towards Healthcare

To see us, you need no doctor referral. 

Call Dr. Geffrard today at (248) 663-5353 at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, for your medication management consultation. We spend time with you that your physician cannot afford. We ensure you are an informed patient and don't remain in the dark about your healthcare regimen. We ensure that you are a completely informed patient.

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