Keys To Maintaining Healthy Weight Loss

Being overweight can have a wide-ranging impact on your health, putting you at greater risk of developing serious chronic conditions and health complications. So you might be told to adopt a better lifestyle with regular exercise and a diet, which is good advice, but it can be very difficult to implement these changes, especially if you attempt to do so all on your own. If you are committed to making the change, don't embark on your weight loss journey on your own, learn more about what more you can do to reach your goals by reaching out to RMS Consultations, with Dr. Antoine Geffrard, in Southfield, MI.

Keys to Success

It's very important that you seek professional help before undergoing a drastic change in your lifestyle habits. An important reason is that there may be underlying conditions that can interfere with your progress. So a professional will not only assess these underlying conditions but also take into account the diagnosis of other experts.

For example, taking on a strenuous exercise routine may not be recommended for patients with heart problems, and there may be medication that you are taking that is making it difficult for you to lose weight, so a clarification of medication regimens may be helpful.

Beyond health conditions and medication, it's also important to take into account other factors that may be affecting your weight loss. A well-prepared individualized weight loss plan will also examine your family history, lifestyle, and environment, among other difficulties you may face.

Regular visits are typically part of a weight loss plan, which can help monitor your progress and make adjustments, and can help keep you accountable.

Weight Loss in Southfield, MI

Having professional help at your side can be the key to losing weight and keeping it off, so if you're beginning your weight loss journey or are looking to maintain a healthy weight you can schedule a consultation with Dr. Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI by dialing (248) 663-5353.

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