• What Is An RMS Consultation
    Medical Doctor Leading Michigan in the Rehabilitation Fight Dr. Antoine Geffrard is the founder and director of RMS Consultations of Southfield, MI. Our doctor is award-winning, highly experienced with over 40 Read more
  • Get Your Medication Questions Answered
    It's not uncommon for patients who have been recently discharged from a long hospital stay to be confused about their treatment. Many will accumulate a number of medications that they Read more
  • What Makes an RMS Consultation Different
    Today’s healthcare can seem rushed. The days of a doctor spending time with you may seem long gone. The truth is, an RMS consultation can make you feel differently about Read more
  • Making Good Changes in Your Lifestyle
    Rehabilitation medical services are a transformative approach to restoring physical and mental well-being. Your RMS Consultation in Southfield, MI, aims to empower individuals to reclaim their independence and optimize their Read more
  • How Lifestyle Affects General Wellbeing
    Rehab medical services (RMS) are a type of healthcare that focuses on restoring physical, mental, and emotional function and improving quality of life after an injury, illness, or surgery. This Read more
  • What Is Clarification of Medication Regimens?
    It's easy to fall into rituals, something that can happen if you are taking a variety of medications. Their names can be difficult to remember and may only remember which Read more
  • Can an RMS Consultation Help Me?
    When you’re dealing with issues with your medication regimens or you aren’t thriving after a recent hospitalization, there may be other options to find the answers to your questions. There Read more
  • Medical Issues Are Addressed in an RMS Consultation
    How a medical consultation from your doctor in Southfield, MI, can help you stay healthy. Do you feel good about your healthcare, or does it seem like your healthcare is missing Read more
  • How a RMS Consultation Can Help You
    At RMS Consultations, we can provide RMS consultation help in Southfield, MI, for residents of Southfield and the Greater Detroit area. Dr. Antoine Geffrard can help you understand this care Read more
  • What Can I Expect From an RMS Consultation?
    Feeling confused about your current health plan and care? A consultation with us could help. Ever feel rushed out of the doctor’s office? Feel like your health isn’t a top priority Read more
  • What Can I Expect in an RMS Consultation?
    At RMS Consultations, Dr. Antoine Geffrard and his compassionate team help patients optimize wellness and daily function--both physically and emotionally. If you're confused or feel neglected by today's impersonal and Read more
  • What Kind of Medical Issues Are Addressed in an RMS Consultation?
    Are you having difficulty controlling a chronic condition or feeling a little frustrated that your recovery from an illness or accident is taking so long? If so, Dr. Antoine Geffrard Read more
  • What an RMS Consultation Can Do For You
    Do you often feel as though the doctor has no time for you? When you come in to visit the doctor, do you feel cared for? Does your doctor spend Read more
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