How a RMS Consultation Can Help You

At RMS Consultations, we can provide RMS consultation help in Southfield, MI, for residents of Southfield and the Greater Detroit area. Dr. Antoine Geffrard can help you understand this care option and why it may work well for you.

The Mission Goal at RMS

Over the years, the medical field has gradually transformed in many good and bad ways. The good changes have included better medical treatments, more accurate diagnoses, and innovations on every conceivable front. The bad side is the dehumanization of medical therapy on many levels.

That's something that we've struggled to accept here. As doctors shift towards treating diseases with bigger and better care options, they lose sight of the patient's most critical part of this process. That's something that we simply cannot abide by, which is why we created the RMS consultation for Southfield, MI residents and those beyond.

Our mission statement is to treat each of our patients as individuals and to address each of their needs as they occur. This personal nature is the foundation for genuinely successful medical treatment. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure that you don't suffer.

How We Can Help You

At RMS Consultations, we can take care of your treatment on many levels. We start at the most basic levels of your care and build from there, focusing on your needs. For example, we can help with a myriad of concerns, including:

  • Medications: Many people receive prescriptions from their doctor without explanation or purpose. This situation is very frustrating, and we address it by talking about your drugs, explaining their reason, discussing their downsides, and ensuring that you're fully educated on this topic.
  • Addressing Functional Declines: If you're experiencing any functional declines after a long treatment period, we can help by providing advanced therapies and care options. These may include diagnosing the source of your weakness and finding treatments to help you transition back to everyday life.
  • Improving Your Lifestyle: Medical professionals may focus so much on treating your symptoms that they don't do what they can to improve your lifestyle. Our consultations can help you understand how your lifestyle affects your health and work you towards a better and more stable life.

These are just three examples of the ways we can help you. Our consultation focuses on addressing your needs, not trying to fit you into our favorite treatment option. In this way, we can help you manage your short- and long-term conditions.

Get the Help You Deserve

Please call (248) 663-5353 to get an appointment with RMS Consultations if you want an RMS consultation near Southfield, MI. Dr. Geffrard can help you understand our unique process.

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