What Can I Expect in an RMS Consultation?

At RMS Consultations, Dr. Antoine Geffrard and his compassionate team help patients optimize wellness and daily function--both physically and emotionally. If you're confused or feel neglected by today's impersonal and rushed health care system, we're here to sort through your concerns. We will make recommendations that make sense for you and your personal goals. Here's what you can expect at a one on one consultation at our Southfield, MI, office.

What we do best

RMS Consultations provide alternative medicine plans which help people avoid acute and chronic health problems and to manage those they may have. Dr. Geffrard is board-certified in internal medicine and has taken a particular interest in individualized patient care during his 40 years of practice.

At a 45-minute initial consultation with Dr. Antoine Geffrard, you will focus on your:

  • Daily function at home and on the job
  • Your lifestyle, including nutrition, exercise and stress reduction
  • Weight management concerns and setting weight-loss goals which make sense for your age, activity level and body type
  • Supplements, vitamins and medications you may take currently or should incorporate into your daily regimen

We look at how well you feel actually feel and what health issues you wish to improve.

When you consult with us

Dr. Geffrard asks his consulting patients to bring the following to the office:

  • List of current prescription medications and supplements/vitamins
  • A detailed report of medical history, including hospitalizations, surgeries, injuries and ongoing treatments such as physical therapy and chiropractic care (this may be handwritten by the patient)
  • A desire to carefully review current health status and to learn alternative ways to fill gaps in your standard medical care

John Hopkins Medicine reports that almost 40 percent of adult Americans pursue alternative medicine and a holistic, personalized approach to acute and chronic illness, rehabilitation after accident, surgery or hospitalization and their nutritional, activity and medication needs. At RMS Consultations, we are happy to help people of all ages and walks of life fully participate in their health care plans.

Let's get together

In our Southfield, MI, office, you will enjoy no-rush, compassionate care with our team of experts. Expect it. It's what we do. For a consultation with Dr. Antoine Geffrard, please contact RMS Consultations at (248) 663-5353.

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