What Is An RMS Consultation

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Dr. Antoine Geffrard is the founder and director of RMS Consultations of Southfield, MI. Our doctor is award-winning, highly experienced with over 40 years of experience, compassionate, and licensed. Our doctor is here to explain what RMS Consultations is and how it serves the people of Michigan.

What Is An RMS Consultation?

Our doctor at RMS Consultation in Southfield, MI, saw a need for a place that you could go to for specialized care for you and your family suffering from the side effects of severe trauma or illness. The following examples would be good reasons to seek our services. 

  • After-effects of a stroke
  • After-effects of a motor vehicle crash
  • Debilitating effects of a prolonged illness
  • After-effects from a lengthy hospitalization
  • Major musculoskeletal injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Burn victim
  • Closed head injuries

The Changing Face of Family Medicine

Doctors now work for companies/corporations that monitor and delegate their time. Doctors are so bogged down by "busy work" that they can only allow no more than 10 minutes with you. There needs to be more time for you to address your medical concerns.

The doctors at RMS Consultations take time with you as traditional family doctors did years ago. Our consultations take about 60 minutes, and the following are what you can expect from us. 

  • We review current medications/provide reasons for these medications/decrease, increases, or recommend medication changes/side effects.
  • We review/study your medical history.
  • We pose lifestyle questions.
  • We recommend changes to your treatment plan.
  • We send recommendation letters to your physician regarding what we find/what needs changing.
  • We look into reasons for increased help in activities of daily living and recommend appropriate therapies/resources/interventions to improve your abilities. 
  • We help support your initiatives to make positive lifestyle changes/ remove any stigma/confusion, and make changes simplistic and easy to understand and grasp. 
  • We take time with you that your doctors cannot. 

*We do not prescribe or order treatments or medications unless you change providers, and we take you as a patient. Otherwise, we make recommendations to your healthcare team only. 

We do not claim we can cure everything wrong in the world. However, we prove that our treatment plans can remove your anxiety, pain, handicaps, and dysfunction due to chronic illnesses, diseases, disabilities, and the after-effects from long-term hospital stays, chronic/acute conditions, and permanent injuries needing lifelong attention.

Understanding Your Medical History/Medications/Treatments

If you feel like you have been left out in the cold by your medical team or you cannot get the answers you need about your medical situation, please give Dr. Geffrard a call today at 248-663-5353 at RMS Consultations of Southfield, MI, and schedule your consultation appointment.

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