What Is an Alternative Health Care Consultation?

Finding the best healthcare options and medical solutions for yourself or a loved one begins with information. With more options available for treating alternative health care consultationand managing symptoms for everything from an injury or accident to chronic pain and disease, an alternative health care consultation can help you to find the most comprehensive solutions available across traditional and complementary medicine. Dr. Antoine Geffrard leverages over 40 years of medical training to offer one on one consultations designed to help patients find targeted solutions across a number of healthcare resources and modalities.

Alternative Health Care Consultation in Southfield, MI

Whether you are already taking medication or in treatment for an injury or condition, or are looking for information and guidelines on improving your overall health and wellness, a consultation is the perfect place to start. An alternative health consultation is like an unbiased, fresh pair of eyes assessing your current condition and treatment plan to identify areas that can be improved upon or supplemented with additional therapies or medication in order to optimize your treatment plan. The information and recommendations you receive during a consultation are optional and should be discussed with your treating physician for best results.

Is an Alternative Health Care Consultation Right for Me?

Anyone can benefit from regular check-ups, and even if you are currently in good health, a consultation is a great way to find the best lifestyle practices and habits for your current needs, which change can change as we age and move through different phases of life.

Some of the most common health issues/concerns addressed during an alternative health consultation may include:

  • Restoring/improving mobility and full function after an injury or illness
  • Weight loss and management
  • Lifestyle improvements/modifications
  • Information about alternative/complementary medications and therapies

Schedule an Alternative Health Care Consultation in Southfield, MI

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