Recovering After an Illness or Injury

Find the individualized, tailored medical care and treatment you need to feel better again.recovery

Recovering from an illness or injury isn’t always easy. It can take some time for our bodies to bounce back and it’s important that you are doing what you can to ensure proper healing and recovery. Of course, our Southfield, MI, doctor Dr. Antoine Geffrard also realizes that patients need to understand more about their condition and receive thorough patient education in order to care for themselves properly and to recover fully and effectively.

Here at RMS Consultations, we pride ourselves on caring for the whole of the patient and making sure they have the tools and knowledge necessary to not only care for themselves but also to understand why they are receiving the medications or treatments that they are. We believe knowledge is power. Too often in the medical industry patients are giving medication without much explanation.

We believe our patients are an integral part of their own healing process. This is why we will always provide you with all the information you need regarding your medications or treatment options so you can always make an informed decision about your health and recovery process. Being an active participant in your own health is vitally important. While we won’t provide you with medication, therapy or treatment options, this consultation with Dr. Geffrard will provide you with valuable and tailored recommendations that are right for you to help you recover and heal to your fullest.

Patients dealing with everything from simple injuries and hospitalizations to chronic and serious illnesses can receive the care they need with our Southfield, MI, rehabilitation doctor. These recommendations aren’t just for specific therapies, treatment options or procedures, sometimes they also include lifestyle modifications and simple things you can do to improve your health and outlook.

We know that it can be daunting when it comes to caring for your health, particularly when you are injured or dealing with an illness. This is why we take the time with you to help you understand what’s going on and the best options for healing your mind, body, and soul.

If you have questions about the rehabilitation consultation services we offer here at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, don’t hesitate to give us a call. We would be happy to help discover with you what care you need to improve your health and your quality of life.

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