Questions About Alternative or Natural Approaches To Health

At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, Dr. Antoine Geffrard and his staff help people of all ages achieve optimal wellness--physically, emotionally and mentally, too. They offer alternative medicine options to work with the body's own natural physiology and immunity to control or even eliminate chronic medical conditions. Read some FAQs about alternative medicine and its benefits.

What does alternative medicine involve? MedicineNet reports that alternative medicine involves supplements, therapies and medical practices that are outside of standard medicine. Acupuncture is an example of alternative medical practices, which, in recent years, have become more mainstream with the public.

Dr. Geffrard and his team typically tailor care plans to focus on whole-body health for each patient as an individual, examining their current health issues, therapies and medications to garner the best overall function, well-being and recuperation from:

  • Traumatic injury
  • Long-term chronic illness, such as diabetes and heart disease
  • Surgery
  • Hospitalization

Does alternative medicine help prevent disease? Yes, it can. Through specialized testing, a review of your health history, current medications and more, Dr. Geffrard will help you identify areas of weakness and dysfunction in your body.

For instance, you may not have the true diagnosis of Type-2 diabetes, but from your blood work, the doctor identifies your blood sugar levels and other indicators of wellness as tending toward diabetes. He can propose a care plan involving exercise, healthy nutrition, supplements and more which can normalize blood glucose levels without insulin or other traditional medications.

Can alternative medicine boost my immune function? At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, strengthening the body's immune response to toxins, disease and injury is one of our prime goals. Dr. Geffrard instructs his patients in ways to combat disease, including stress reduction, achieving and keeping a proper body weight, maintaining a diet rich in fruits, vegetables and fiber, and stopping harmful habits such as smoking, alcohol abuse, and being sedentary.

Learn more about alternative medicine

Alternative medicine is real medicine and a great help to our beloved patients in the Southfield, MI, area. For more information and to arrange a personal consultation with Dr. Antoine Geffard, phone RMS Consultations at (248) 663-5353.

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