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Treatment of Chronic Diseases

If you are experiencing a chronic disease, you know how tiring it can be to find a treatment that works for you and is maintainable. While some conditions are preventable, once you have contracted them it may be difficult to change your lifestyle to improve your health.

At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, Dr. Antoine Geffrard can work with you to manage your chronic disease to achieve and maintain your best health. We offer the support you need to take charge of your health.

What are chronic diseases?

Chronic diseases are lasting conditions, some caused by lifestyle habits, age, genetics or other health conditions. Examples include diabetes, obesity, arthritis, cancer, and heart disease. These conditions can last from months to decades, and some are more curable than others.

How can RMS Consultations help me treat my chronic disease?

An RMS Consultation from Southfield, MI, can assist you in making necessary life changes to alleviate symptoms, prevent further health problems, and better understand your condition. For conditions often caused or exacerbated by lifestyle choices, such as obesity or type 2 diabetes, your consultant can work with you on healthy eating, exercise, or quitting smoking or drinking.

Conditions like arthritis may be treatable with over-the-counter pain relievers, exercises and stretches, massage or icing, and heating. Your consultant can help you identify your best course of action. If surgery is ultimately needed, we can walk you through the pros and cons of your surgical options.

If you are battling cancer, depending on the type and severity your treatment plan may vary widely, possibly including surgery, radiation, or chemotherapy. We can help you understand the causes, symptoms, and treatment options so you feel informed and guided in your treatment process rather than confused and alone.

With the help of an RMS Consultation in Southfield, MI, you can improve your health. Let Dr. Geffrard assist you in treating your chronic disease in a way that meets your unique needs. Call our office today at 248-663-5353.

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