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Maintaining Your Weight Loss Progress

Maintaining Your Weight Loss Progress

Sadly, for many people, after they have lost weight, they end up regaining it. This should not discourage you. There are things you can do to maintain your hard-won weight progress. Dr. Antoine E. Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield can help you keep on track with your weight loss progress.

Tips for Keeping the Weight Off

Southfield patients find that the following practices help them maintain a healthy weight:

  • Keep weight loss moderate: Medical experts recommend that you lose an average of one or two pounds per week, no more. This allows you to avoid any health issues that may be caused by sudden weight loss. It also helps you learn healthy eating habits.
  • Avoid bad habits: Once you have reached your desired weight, make sure that you don’t slip back into unhealthy eating habits, otherwise, you will quickly gain weight again.
  • Set new goals: It’s great that you’ve reached your weight goal, not set yourself a new goal to strive for. It could be a fitness goal, for example. This will help keep your confidence high.
  • Exercise regularly: If you exercise for 30-60 minutes each day, this will give you a much better chance of maintaining your goal weight.
  • Eat breakfast: Medical experts recommend a breakfast containing grains and a lean source of protein to keep the pounds at bay.
  • Stay in touch with your weight loss doctor: Dr. Geffrard will be able to calculate your BMI or measure your body fat percentage to ensure these numbers remain at a healthy level. He can also make sure that no health issues arise as your eating habits and lifestyle changes.

If you live in Southfield and you need professional help with your weight loss, call Dr. Geffrard on (248) 663-5353 to schedule an appointment.

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