Finding a Healthier Diet to Combat Your Diabetes

Do you need help in maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Did your primary care doctor just inform you that you are diabetic? Explore your options and enhance your lifestyle with Dr. Antoine Geffrard in Southfield, MI, at RMS Consultations. With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Geffrard has helped thousands of patients regain control over their health.

Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy diet while getting the treatment you deserve:

Complex carbohydrates

Diabetes is a disorder where the pancreas can not properly process insulin that is released when a patient consumes sugar. This means simple sugars will disturb the body’s natural balance quicker than complex carbohydrates. Complex carbs take a longer time to digest, making it better fuel for the system.

Try to restrict your consumption of even complex carbohydrates; they do not have to be consumed at each meal.

Fresh fruits and veggies

Eating fresh whole fruits and veggies that are low in sugar help the body stave off symptoms of diabetes. These foods are not only integral to a balanced diet but offer the patient proper nutrition without overwhelming the circulatory system with sugar.

Pass on sugary beverages

Sweet coffee, cola, and ginger-ale are all examples of drinks to avoid when eating to control diabetes. Some alternatives are sugar-free drinks like homemade iced tea with no or less sugar, water, and less sweet options like grapefruit juice.

Avoid processed foods

Foods such as canned fruit and veggies packed in syrup, items that are cured in sugar, or cooked to syrup can wreak havoc on your metabolism. These foods are processed for taste and stable shelf life but should be used sparingly if at all.

Move your body

While not a diet, frequent vigorous exercise is a vital tool for managing your diabetes. Exercise helps the muscles use the sugar that may be still in the bloodstream. Establishing a habit of consistency does not have to be unpleasant. Simple walking at the park can raise the blood rate up enough to fight against symptoms.

If you are a patient in Southfield, MI, and need assistance with controlling your diabetes, contact Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations at (248) 663-5353.

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