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After being hospitalized for a while or after battling a long-term illness, you may notice a decline in bodily functions. It may include a decline in walking, difficulty getting up and downstairs, an increase in falling, and just a general loss of independence. This is also incredibly common as a person gets older and has less control over their body. If you or a loved one is struggling to get back on your feet, Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, can help get you a diagnosis and help you regain control over your life.

What a Consultation Can Do for You

Your physician at RMS Consultations can help you figure out what the best route for recovery is after hospitalization or after battling a long-term illness by sitting down and discussing what will work best with your lifestyle. Your doctor will go over what your current medications are, your medical history, and will ask you questions pertaining to your lifestyle. Once all of that is discussed, your doctor will begin to prepare a treatment plan that will work best for you. After a consultation with Dr. Geffrard, a diagnosis can be made, and appropriate therapies will be recommended for you. Your doctor can set you up with references for treatments and interventions that can reverse the decline in mobility and hopefully, over time you will regain control over your body and improve your overall quality of life.

Your doctor may also ask you to make some lifestyle changes, such as exercise and physical therapy to improve your well-being and improve your health along the way.

Contact Your Physician Today

If you’re suffering after a recent hospitalization or after struggling with a long-term illness, contact Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, today to ask any questions and set up a consultation. Call (248) 663-5353 today!

By RMS Consultations
February 25, 2019
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Understand more about the medications you are taking and when you need to take them.


Have you received medication from your doctor and now you’re not entirely sure what you’re taking or how to safely take it? Do you have questions consulatationabout the medication schedule you are currently on and whether it’s the right approach for managing your symptoms? Our Southfield, MI, doctor Dr. Antoine Geffrard understands how confusing medication can be and wants to demystify the entire experience so that you understand what you are taking and whether it’s truly right for your health.


When to Turn to RMS Consultation

There are many reasons that patients turn to us for care. Along with providing care and management for chronic conditions we also provide consultations regarding the medications you are currently taking. You may want to turn to us if:


  • You have questions about the medications you are taking
  • You want a second opinion about your current medication schedule
  • You want to avoid medication if possible
  • You are dealing with adverse side effects from your medication
  • The medication is impacting your quality of life
  • You are confused about how to take your medication


Whether you have questions or concerns about your medications, our medical doctor in Southfield, MI, can sit down with you and make recommendations regarding certain medications, alternative therapies and lifestyle changes that could improve your health. We will go through your medical history with you and then we will outline in full detail the recommendations we have for caring for your current illness, injury or condition. We can also recommend alternative medicines and supplements that could help with your current health status but will be safe to take with your current medications.


It’s important to understand that while we can provide recommendations for managing your health we will not prescribe medication or perform any of these therapies ourselves. It will be entirely up to you to bring these detailed recommendations with you to consult with your current doctor. Think of RMS Consultation as a second opinion that can put your mind at ease about the medical care you are getting.


From recovering from a serious illness to dealing with a long-term and traumatic injury, our Southfield, MI, physician can help you manage your symptoms and answer your questions about the types of medications you are taking. Turn to the caring professionals at RMS Consultations. You’ll never feel like “just a number” with us.

By RMS Consultations
September 11, 2018
Category: Health

Personal Doctor VisitVisits to your primary care provider are often very short and to-the-point. You discuss any recent symptoms, take a few tests, and make necessary adjustments to your medications. But sometimes you need more time to talk to a medical professional about your overall health concerns. When you visit a physician at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, you'll be able to talk about your health matters in more detail and at greater length.

Health Care Consultations
An alternative health care consultation is a meeting between you and a skilled, knowledgeable physician who will get more familiar with your specific case. When you visit the office, expect your visit to last for about 45 minutes. During this meeting you will discuss everything from your current medications to recent procedures to possible alternative therapies. Patients who are rehabilitating after a procedure may also benefit from this consultation.

A Viable Alternative
Visiting a doctor at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, is a viable alternative if you feel that you aren’t getting the full attention and care that you need. A second opinion is often recommended for patients who have complicated health matters that may have more than one solution. For instance, you may find that taking a look at environmental factors or stressful lifestyle habits may be the first step to successfully treating your ailment.

Benefits of Alternative Health Care Consultations
If you are thinking about whether an RMS consultation will be worth your while, consider these important benefits:

  • You’ll have access to a physician with a listening ear who has familiarity with a wide range of medical issues and conditions.
  • You will bring your medical records and list of medications to the appointment so that your RMS consultant can get a full view of your concerns.
  • On request, you’ll receive a letter of the doctor’s findings that you can present to your primary care physician or specialist after the appointment.
  • Attending this 45-minute appointment may help you feel like you are taking charge of your health and wellness.

A New Way to Care for Your Health
Explore every option available to ensure that you’re getting the very best care for your unique health concern. Call RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, for an alternative health care consultation at (248) 663-5353 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Antoine Geffrard.