Recovering From Major Surgery
By RMS Consultations
August 03, 2020
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Having major surgery is a big step, most often for the better. Still, recovery often means relearning how to use your body. Dr. Antoine Geffrard in Southfield, MI has helped many patients get back on track at his practice, RMS Consultations.

What can you do to recover from major surgery?

Tune into your body to see how you feel with your pain meds.

Do they make you feel groggy or are they just right? Report this to your physician, who will work with you to make your recovery as easy as possible.

Attempt light exercise.

Lying in bed increases the risk of developing a blood clot in patients’ legs. Elevating your feet, moving your knees and ankles, or just even flexing your toes can provide some much-needed movement to the lower extremities.

Maintain a positive mindset.

Surgery is a demanding procedure -- practices like deep breathing and meditation can help the patient stay calm. Releasing anxiety also provides mental clarity, thus allowing better decision making after the operation.

Rally a support system.

Family and friends may offer to do things like run errands or chat for a few minutes. Social workers, grocery delivery, and other services can help you maintain some normalcy. Joining a support group or seeing a therapist are also wonderful ways to allay isolation.

Take your time.

It may be tempting to jump back into life as it was, but healing takes time. Major surgeries usually entail sutures inside and outside of the body, so being gentle with the healing process is key.

Schedule an RMS Consultation.

Dr. Antoine Geffrard serves the Southfield, MI area and is able to help you with a speedy recovery. Contact (248) 663-5353 to schedule an appointment.