Health Education and Lifestyle Counseling
By RMS Consultations
February 18, 2020
Category: Health

In these busy times, it can be hard to find a provider with the time to listen to your personal concerns and the willingness to walk you through natural, alternative, and tailored approaches toward your health. Fortunately, here at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, we can offer you just that: all-encompassing, thoughtful care with a focus on you as an individual.

Here is what you can expect during an RMS Consultation:

A detailed examination of your medical history:

At your RMS Consultation, a physician will sit down with you to review your lifestyle habits, current medications, family health history, and any changes you are experiencing in mental or physical wellness. Make sure to bring along your medical records or personal notes, including dates of surgical procedures, lists of supplements you take, and previous or recurring ailments.

During this overview, you will be encouraged to ask questions about medication dosage and purpose, concerns about your diet/exercise regimen, or queries into holistic and herbal methods of addressing weight, ailments, or deficiencies.

A knowledgable, caring physician:

During your consultation, you can be assured that a physician will listen intently and respectfully, giving you the chance to address issues you may have felt uncomfortable asking a different doctor or that you felt were ignored. Our physicians can help you wade through any misinformation you may have found about your health online or in the media, and steer you towards productive and effective ways of managing your health.

Information to take back to your primary doctor:

We will draft a letter for your regular doctor, listing what was covered, any results we may have found, and recommended additions or changes to your care. This information will help streamline your next appointment with your doctor so you can be sure your needs are addressed.

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