What Is Clarification of Medication Regimens?

It's easy to fall into rituals, something that can happen if you are taking a variety of medications. Their names can be difficult to remember and may only remember which is which by its shape and when you're supposed to take them. It can, in turn, be daunting to attempt to deduce what everything does on your own, even if your pharmacist explained it at the time each prescription was first filled. But it's important to learn the purpose of everything that's going into your body if you hope to take the reins of your own healthcare. Your local Southfield, MI, health experts of RMS Consultations, with Dr. Antoine Geffrard, may be able to help you sort through the complexity, usually within a single short appointment.

The Benefits

An important reason why you want an expert to go over the medication you are currently taking is so you can directly ask them questions. It can be hard to even know what questions you ask if you're just trying to find answers online, but the doctor can help you understand the reason why you are taking every medication. They can also suggest alternatives and point out conflicts if there are any.

It can be especially useful for anyone dealing with adverse reactions to medication, those who are not seeing the desired results from what they're taking, and those seeking to take as little medication as necessary. In many cases, there may be alternative therapies, alternative medicine and supplements, or even lifestyle changes that can take the place of some of your medications.

RMS Consultation in Southfield, MI

While no medication is prescribed during the meeting, the goal is to provide you with enough information so that you can make educated choices.

If you are interested in becoming more informed about what you are taking you can schedule a visit with RMS Consultations, with Dr. Geffrard, in Southfield, MI, you can dial (248) 663-5353.

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