What Procedures Do Physiatrists Perform?

How your physiatrist in Southfield, MI, can help you

You are probably familiar with physical therapy, but have you heard about physiatry? A physiatrist is a specially trained medical doctor who has four years of additional training beyond medical school. This training specializes in physical medicine and rehabilitation, also known as physiatry.

Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, provides a wide range of medical services, including physiatry to help you.

A physiatrist is trained in the diagnosis and management of illness and disease and will prescribe treatments, including specific physical therapy treatments the therapist will perform.

A physiatrist will:

  • Manage medical conditions as a patient goes through rehabilitation
  • Perform a patient assessment and make sure the patient is healthy enough for rehabilitation
  • Determine pain management protocols as a patient goes through rehabilitation
  • Manage spasticity, gait and movement issues, bowel and bladder issues, and other conditions which may be affected during rehabilitation
  • Manage additional conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, and others to prevent further medical problems during rehabilitation

According to the American Academy of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation or AAPM&R, a physiatrists role in the world of medicine includes these three themes:

  • Physiatrists are the essential medical experts in value-based evaluation, diagnosis, and management of neuromusculoskeletal and disabling conditions
  • Physiatrists are indispensable leaders in directing rehabilitation and recovery, and in preventing injury and disease
  • Physiatrists are vital in optimizing outcomes and function early and throughout the continuum of patient care

You can benefit from physiatry services, especially if you need to recover flexibility, mobility, and range-of-motion due to:

  • Recovering from surgery
  • Recovering from an injury or accident
  • Managing a chronic disease or illness

Physiatry services can help you get your life back. To learn more about physiatry services and how they can help you, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI. You can reach him in the office by calling (248) 663-5353, so call now.

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