The Need for Health Education

Our RMS Consultation team provides patients with comprehensive face-to-face health consultations to improve their health. 

It seems that these days, doctors are spending less and less time with their patients than ever before. And yet, around 133 million Americans have at least one chronic condition, such as heart disease or high blood pressure. The Mayo Clinic reports that nearly 70 percent of Americans take at least one prescription medication and more than 50 percent take at least two. The need for health education from a qualified medical professional is more important than ever before. Our Southfield, MI, doctor Dr. Antoine Geffrard and the team at RMS Consultations take substantial time with each patient, so they can ask all the questions they have and never feel rushed.

Understanding and Deciphering Your Medication Regimen

About half of people who have been prescribed medication are not taking it as prescribed. This is known as non-adherence, and it’s a big problem in the US. Medication non-adherence leads to 125,000 deaths per year, which could have been prevented if the individual understood how to take their medications properly. But getting in to see your doctor can be challenging, especially with the limited staff and hours due to Covid. This is when people should turn to our Southfield, MI, team at RMS Consultation.

We pride ourselves on providing education, advice, and recommendations tailored to each patient’s health and lifestyle. We can explain why you are taking certain medications, how to take them correctly and decide whether or not you should talk to your doctor about getting off a particular drug.

A Decline in Function Due to Illness or Hospitalization 

Long-term illness and hospitalization can reduce mobility and everyday function, cause cognitive decline (particularly in seniors) and reduce a person’s independence. Doctors often can’t take enough time with patients to give them the appropriate care and attention to intervene and help reverse this decline. That’s when our RMS Consultation team steps in to help individuals living in and around Southfield, MI, get the appropriate interventions and care they need to improve mobility, cognitive performance, and everyday function.

Lifestyle Changes to Improve Health and Well-being 

Whether you are looking to lose weight or find ways to improve your healthspan, we know that there isn’t enough one-on-one time with your primary doctor to address such a large and complex topic adequately. We also know that the amount of information we consume from the Internet, social media, newspapers, and TV can often confuse us, and it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. Our Southfield, MI, physician Dr. Geffrard provides a 45-minute consultation with each patient to listen to their needs and concerns and to help them map out a plan to improve their health and quality of life with simple lifestyle modifications tailored to them.

Dr. Geffrard and our caring staff at RMS Consultations are here to provide the health education you need to understand your current health status, conditions and medications. Call (248) 663-5353 to schedule a health education consultation with our Southfield, MI, physician today.

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