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By RMS Consultations
June 24, 2021
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Your doctor in Southfield, MI, can help you stay well.

If you’ve ever experienced an acute injury or the onset of an acute disease, you know it can dramatically affect your life. You may not know what to do, but your doctor does. Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, offers comprehensive medical care, including treatment of acute injuries and diseases.

An acute injury can involve your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones. It can be the result of a sports injury, vehicular accident, or even just bad posture. For minor injuries, including bruising, swelling, or strained muscles, your doctor may recommend:

  • Icing the area to reduce swelling
  • Resting the area while you heal
  • Taking over-the-counter pain and anti-inflammatory medication

For more serious injuries including strained tendons, ligaments, or broken bones, your doctor may recommend:

  • Immobilization with a cast, splint, or other devices to allow the area to heal
  • Taking prescription-strength anti-inflammatory medication
  • Surgery to repair torn tendons, ligaments, or broken bones

An acute disease can be caused by viral or bacterial exposure and can come on suddenly. Acute diseases can also be caused by exposure to an allergen, which can result in respiratory issues.

For viral infections like a cold or the flu, your doctor may recommend:

  • Resting and drinking plenty of fluids
  • Taking over-the-counter antihistamines, decongestants, or flu medications
  • Avoiding contact with others to avoid spreading the virus

If your acute disease is the result of bacterial exposure, your doctor may prescribe an appropriate antibiotic to eliminate the bacteria so you can get well.

If your acute disease is the result of exposure to an allergen, your doctor may recommend:

  • Allergy testing to determine what you are allergic to
  • Allergy treatment including injections or sublingual immunotherapy
  • Short-acting and long term medications if your allergy causes respiratory problems like asthma

Acute injuries and diseases can be sudden and scary. Fortunately, relief is just a phone call away. To find out more about how your doctor can help you heal from an acute injury or illness, call Dr. Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, at (248) 663-5353 now!

By RMS Consultations
June 18, 2021
Category: Medical

Your doctor in Southfield, MI, can help you feel better.

When you are affected by a chronic disease, it can dramatically impact your life. Chronic diseases can deplete your body’s natural resources and impair your immune system. A chronic underlying disease can affect your body’s ability to heal, and diminish your ability to fight off illness.

Fortunately, your doctor can treat your chronic disease, and help you live a more active, healthy life. Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, offers a wide range of healthcare services, including treatment of chronic diseases, to help you feel better.

Some of the most common chronic diseases include:

  • Obesity
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Cancer
  • Heart disease

Your doctor will provide professional treatments that can give you relief from symptoms, and enhance your quality of life. For example:

If you are obese, the excess weight can cause stress on your joints and muscles and affect your heart function. Your doctor can help with diet and exercise management and may recommend medication or other therapies to help with your metabolism. In some cases, weight loss surgery may be recommended.

If you have arthritis, it means your joints are chronically inflamed. Persistent inflammation can eventually cause joint destruction and a considerable amount of pain. It’s common to experience loss of flexibility and joint stiffness. Your doctor can help by providing prescription-strength anti-inflammatory and pain medication. In addition to medication and physical therapy, an exercise program can help keep you moving.

If you are diabetic, your circulation, nerve sensation, and ability to heal may all be affected. Diet modification and medications to control blood sugar are treatments that can help you manage your diabetes.

These are just a few of the many ways your doctor can help treat your chronic diseases. To learn more about chronic disease causes, symptoms, and treatment, call Dr.Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, at (248) 663-5353 today!

RMS Consultations (Rehabilitation Medical Specialists) specialize in helping patients recover from musculoskeletal and neurological dysfunction. Dr. Antoine Geffrard of Southfield, MI, offers patients the rehabilitation they need to recover because simply medicating patients or discharging them from a hospital isn't enough.

More About RMS

Recovery from illness or injury requires rehabilitation. You need the help of RMS Consultations of Southfield, MI, if you and a loved one have suffered from:

  • Stroke
  • Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)
  • Spinal cord injury
  • Major musculoskeletal trauma
  • Burn injury
  • Prolonged illness and hospitalization
  • Post-surgical debility

Can I See an RMS Consultant if I Just Want Guidance on How To Live a Healthier Life?

Yes! Your lifestyle affects your health and with the amount of information the Internet bombards people with, it's hard to know what's useful or just a myth.

Don't believe those fad diets on magazine covers or random information from television. We know a simple Google search is also tempting but the best person to help you is your doctor.

Speak with your doctor about making lifestyle choices that will improve your overall health, discuss which medications work best for you and be open about injuries and illnesses you suffer for a better assessment of your situation and needs.

What to Consider During Your RMS Consultations

  • Medications: You need to speak with your doctor about drugs. Medicine is powerful and helpful when properly prescribed but you need to ask for a proper explanation. An RMS consultation is the time to ask questions.
  • A Decline in function: Speak with your doctor if you or a loved one suffers from:
    • Difficulty walking
    • Difficulty going up or downstairs
    • Increased falling

Don't allow people to convince you this is normal. If you or a loved one has suffered from injury, illness, or after a long hospitalization. Therapy and interventions can reverse the decline.

Would You Like To Know More?

Recovery with RMS Consultations is simple. Contact Dr. Geffrard of Southfield, MI, to schedule an appointment at (248) 663-5353.

By RMS Consultations
May 24, 2021
Category: Health

Losing weight is often more difficult than it should be. Sometimes, the pounds don't drop away even if you exercise or try a new diet. Fortunately, Dr. Antoine Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, can help you find a weight loss approach that really works for you.

The problem with diets

Every diet promises amazing results. Fad diet authors claim you'll lose weight rapidly, feel more energetic than ever and improve your health after just a few weeks on the diet. Although every diet works for some people, all diets don't work for everyone.

Metabolism, body type, eating habits, lifestyle, and genetics all play a part in your ability to lose weight and keep it off. A diet that worked for your friend may do absolutely nothing for you. Even worse, some fad diets may actually damage your health or cause you to gain weight. Since most people consider diets short-term solutions, they may soon go back to their old eating habits.

What to do when you can't lose weight

Everyone can lose weight with the right weight-loss method. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to figure out which diet or eating plan will really help you lose weight. If you've been struggling to lose weight, a consultation at Dr. Geffrard's Southfield, MI, office can help you find a plan that works for you.

During the consultation, you'll discuss your past attempts at weight loss, your medical history, health conditions, medications you take, family history, lifestyle, and the type of exercise you enjoy.

You'll receive recommendations that will help you create an eating plan that includes plenty of healthy foods but also offers a little leeway to indulge in a piece of birthday cake or pizza occasionally. Changing the way you eat, rather than dieting, offers a more realistic, sustainable way to lose weight.

You'll learn tips that will help you stay motivated when you're feeling stressed or having trouble resisting temptation. Do you hate to exercise? Working out doesn't have to involve running marathons or 200 push-ups a day. Your consultation will include exercise suggestions that will help you increase your activity level and get your heart pumping without leaving you feeling exhausted or bored.

Could a consultation with Dr. Antoine Geffrard help you meet your weight loss goals? Call RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, at (248) 663-5353 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Geffrard.

By RMS Consultations
April 16, 2021
Category: Medical
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Feeling confused about your current health plan and care? A consultation with us could help.

Ever feel rushed out of the doctor’s office? Feel like your health isn’t a top priority to your doctor? Whether you’re looking to simply discuss if your current treatment plan is really the best approach to managing your health or you’re concerned about the growing number of prescriptions you’re being given, our Southfield, MI, physician Dr. Antoine Geffrard can take the time out to address your questions and concerns regarding your health.

Reasons to Come in for a Consultation

There are many reasons people turn to the team at RMS Consultations. For one, we know that our patients have come to gain knowledge and a deeper understanding regarding their health and current treatment plan. Our consultations are designed to be around 45 minutes, which we believe gives our patients more than enough time to review medical records, discuss their health and concerns and answer any questions they might have. You might feel rushed elsewhere, but not here.

From there, Dr. Geffrard will write down all of his recommendations regarding your health and treatment plan. This is something that you will then discuss with your doctor so you two can implement these strategies into your current care.

People may come into our practice to,

  • Get more information on their current prescriptions
  • Discuss natural approaches to maintaining health and improving chronic and acute conditions
  • Determine which supplements and herbs you can safely take with your current medications
  • Answer any questions you might have about the medications you’re taking
  • Improve their health through a healthier lifestyle
  • Get a second opinion on certain treatment plans, medications, surgeries, etc.
  • Fill in the gaps in care where patients feel that they aren’t getting the proper attention

It’s important to recognize that while Dr. Geffrard can provide second opinions and advice on everything from how to lead a healthier lifestyle to what natural therapies could help you, we are not a primary care practice. While we do take on patients who need rehabilitation, with most patients we simply provide you with the detailed information you need regarding your health and ways to better manage it. You will still need to stay with your primary doctor.

Here in RMS Consultations, Dr. Geffrard and the staff at our Southfield, MI, practice want to make sure that your health needs are fully addressed and cared for. Whether you want a second opinion or you want to discuss whether your current healthcare is doing everything it can for you, call us at (248) 663-5353 to schedule a consultation.

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