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March 10, 2021
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It’s fairly common for most people today to be on at least one type of daily medication. However, sometimes it seems as if medications are prescribed without any explanation by multiple doctors who don’t communicate with one another about your specific issues. At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, Dr. Antoine Geffrard can sit down with you one-on-one to discuss your medications and whether or not they are actually necessary for your well-being.

Explaining Medications

Oftentimes, patients are released from hospitalization with new medications to add to their current prescriptions, usually without much conversation. If a patient is elderly, their family members may not know what each medication does and may have questions on what a person should continue taking and what medication they should stop. Medications begin to pile up on top of each other and it may begin to feel overwhelming to take an abundance of pills with no true explanation for each one.

At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, you can expect to be met with a physician who cares about you and your quality of life. We will gladly schedule a consultation to determine which medications are needed in your daily life and which medications aren’t benefiting your life anymore. We also will take the time to inform you about any alternative medicines that may benefit you and clear up anything that you may be misinformed about. The internet is useful for many different things, however, your physician at RMS Consultations also knows that the internet can spread misinformation that may actually harm your quest for a better life.

Contact Your Physician Today

At RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, Dr. Antoine Geffrard understands that an abundance of medications can be overwhelming for any patient and it can be frustrating to constantly wonder if your multiple medications are helping or harming you. Call (248) 663-5353 today to set up a consultation to learn more about how your physician can help you understand what medications are right for you.

After being hospitalized for a while or after battling a long-term illness, you may notice a decline in bodily functions. It may include a decline in walking, difficulty getting up and downstairs, an increase in falling, and just a general loss of independence. This is also incredibly common as a person gets older and has less control over their body. If you or a loved one is struggling to get back on your feet, Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, can help get you a diagnosis and help you regain control over your life.

What a Consultation Can Do for You

Your physician at RMS Consultations can help you figure out what the best route for recovery is after hospitalization or after battling a long-term illness by sitting down and discussing what will work best with your lifestyle. Your doctor will go over what your current medications are, your medical history, and will ask you questions pertaining to your lifestyle. Once all of that is discussed, your doctor will begin to prepare a treatment plan that will work best for you. After a consultation with Dr. Geffrard, a diagnosis can be made, and appropriate therapies will be recommended for you. Your doctor can set you up with references for treatments and interventions that can reverse the decline in mobility and hopefully, over time you will regain control over your body and improve your overall quality of life.

Your doctor may also ask you to make some lifestyle changes, such as exercise and physical therapy to improve your well-being and improve your health along the way.

Contact Your Physician Today

If you’re suffering after a recent hospitalization or after struggling with a long-term illness, contact Dr. Antoine Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, today to ask any questions and set up a consultation. Call (248) 663-5353 today!

By RMS Consultations
February 08, 2021
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Dr. Antoine Geffrard and RMS Consultations encourage you to fuel your body with healthy food. Come see us in Southfield, MI, to find out what's missing from your diet.

Examining your diet and making adjustments to get the proper nutrients can transform your health. Most people are lacking some nutrients in their diet. Read about just some of the most common things we are lacking and what foods you can get them from.

Calcium is important for your bones especially as you age. Low-fat dairy foods are some of the best sources of calcium. If you have a dairy allergy or are lactose intolerant, try dark green leafy vegetables, nuts, and seeds. There are also many calcium-fortified products available.

Vitamin C isn't just important for your immune health, it actually helps repair cells in your body. Citrus fruits have a lot of vitamin C and so do dark, leafy greens, berries, and melons.

Potassium promotes strong bones and is important for your nerves and muscles. Bananas are high in potassium but you can also get potassium from potatoes, milk, and orange juice, and dark green vegetables like spinach and broccoli.

Vitamin A is important for your immune system and your vision. Some food sources of vitamin A are eggs, orange and yellow fruits and vegetables, and dark leafy greens.

Iron is an essential mineral that helps transport oxygen to cells throughout your whole body. You get iron from lean meats and plant sources like soybeans and spinach.

You need vitamin D to help your body absorb calcium and promote bone growth. A few food sources are eggs and fish, and there are also many vitamin D-fortified products.

Lacking any of these nutrients can cause various health issues, and revamping your diet is a natural way to get the right nutrients and improve your health. Take the time to assess your diet, and call Dr. Antoine Geffrard and RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, at (248) 663-5353.

By RMS Consultations
February 05, 2021
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A healthy heart is a key factor in enjoying a long, active life. Along with physical activity, adequate sleep, abstaining from smoking and keeping your stress levels low, eating a nutritious diet is crucial to heart health.

Dr. Antoine Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI, can help you create a balanced meal plan that provides vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to fuel your body and improve your cardiac health.

What are the components of a heart-healthy diet?

Balance is key to meeting all your nutritional needs. Your daily meals and snacks should cover the basic food groups, which include fruit, vegetables, grains, dairy, protein and fats. A heart-healthy diet is high in produce and low in sugar and processed foods, like cookies, refined grain crackers and snack mixes.

When choosing fruits and vegetables, focus on those high in fiber, such as berries, broccoli, apples, citrus, cabbage and carrots. Choose produce in a wide variety of colors to ensure you consume a multitude of vitamins and nutrients.

Legumes, including peas, lentils and beans, are a great source of both fiber and protein and are low in fat. Other sources of heart-healthy protein include fish, lean meats, eggs, and low-fat dairy. Cutting back on your consumption of meat, or opting for a vegetarian diet, can be a great way to improve your heart health by reducing saturated fat and cholesterol consumption.

When eating grains and carbohydrates, focus on those that are unprocessed. Whole wheat bread, whole grain pasta and bran cereals are nutritious options. If you are gluten intolerant, try oatmeal, quinoa or brown rice. Dr. Antoine Geffrard can teach you how to read a nutrition label to identify whether your bread, bagels or muffins contain whole or refined grains.

Don't fear fats -- they are crucial for body function, energy, and satiety. Avoid foods with trans fats, and focus on polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats like those found in olive oil, nuts, salmon and avocado.

Sweets can be part of a heart-healthy diet -- no need to refuse a slice of birthday cake or a cookie. Just make sure to keep treats occasional.

Find a satisfying, delicious and nutritious heart-healthy meal plan with the help of Dr. Antoine Geffrard in Southfield, MI. Call our office today at (248) 663-5353.

By RMS Consultations
December 31, 2020
Category: Health

How your physician in Southfield, MI can help you stay healthy

Your heart keeps your body working and feeling great. You need to keep your heart working well by living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Changing just a few things can make a world of difference in the health of your heart. Dr. Antoine E. Geffrard at RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI offers a wide range of medical services to keep you feeling your best.

So, what can you do to protect your heart? It turns out, there are quite a few things. If you smoke, you should stop. Smoking increases your risk for a number of serious medical conditions, including heart disease.

In addition to quitting smoking, you should:

  • Try to stay away from fatty, greasy, fried foods. Change to baked foods instead.
  • Try to limit full-fat dairy products and red meat. Change to skim or low-fat dairy products and lean meats like turkey, chicken, or fish.
  • Maintain a healthy weight. This may be difficult, especially as you get older. Try eating lots of vegetables and fruits; they contain fiber, so you will feel fuller, longer.
  • Exercise regularly for at least 30 minutes on most days of the week. Try to include aerobic exercises like rapid walking, jogging, running, or swimming. Aerobic exercise gets your heart pumping which helps to keep it working well.
  • Limit your stress and try out a few stress management techniques like meditation, yoga, reading, and deep breathing exercises.
  • Visit your doctor regularly for a blood pressure and cholesterol check. Take any medications as prescribed by your doctor.

Heart disease takes on many forms and can cause many symptoms, including:

  • Chest pain, pressure, or a squeezing feeling
  • Chest pain that doesn’t go away, or that increases
  • Chest pain that radiates down your arms, neck, or shoulders
  • A rapid, irregular heartbeat

If you notice any of the symptoms listed above, seek out emergency treatment because you could be having a heart attack.

Your doctor can help you and your heart stay healthy. To find out more about living a heart-healthy lifestyle, call Dr. Antoine E. Geffrard of RMS Consultations in Southfield, MI at (248) 663-5353. Call now and protect your health!

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